Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Estes Park

The annual Estes Park, YMCA cabin trip with friends of ours was a blast and Troubled Child got to join in the fun.

My wife, daughter, and our friends met up at the YMCA of the Rockies on Thursday night a couple weeks ago. I was away on business travel, returning early Friday morning.

During that time, 14" of snow dumped on the YMCA. I decided to take Troubled Child instead of my Subaru. And, I thought I'd have to use my new snow chains to make it to the cabin.

Fortunately, the drive up was uneventful, the roads were simply wet, and there was no snow until I reached the driveway for our temporary home, the Isabella Bird Cabin.

We had a fun weekend of impromptu snowshoeing behind the cabin, wandering downtown Estes Park, eating well, playing games, roller skating, swimming, crafting, and watching the kids play.

The truck made it up and back with no problems other than vibration from a horribly neglected ujoint.

My EFI tuning continues and, unfortunately, I didn't see much power on the way up or back, but I may have solved some off-idle transition issues.

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