Thursday, August 27, 2015

Rear brakes and wheel bearings

I have been planning to go four-wheeling on Mosquito Pass with the CFSJA on Saturday, two days from today. However, my Jeep currently looks like this:

Good thing I checked the rear brakes. Shoes are gone. One side's cracked. The other side's at the rivets. And, I found side play in the passenger axle shaft. Ugh. Time to scramble...

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Alta Lakes, Ouray

Thursday morning came early and with a bit of misery following the all-night drive after work to Montrose.

pic on
The Black Canyon Motel was a pretty decent place to crash for the night although I could've slept on a rock, no problem.

On request from Will E I headed to Autozone to pick up a part for his Sport Trac, then headed to the Ouray KOA, with a McD's breakfast in hand, ready for the adventure...

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ouray 2015 Success

Last Dollar Road

After 10 years, TC and I made it back to Ouray! I drove down after work on Wednesday night, stayed over in Montrose, and headed into Ouray early Thursday.

Joining other FSJers, we ran up to Alta Lakes on Thursday, part of Yankee Boy on Friday, Red Mountain on Saturday, and Ophir Pass and Last Dollar Road on Sunday.

I left Monday early and had an uneventful trip back home. TC did great with no mechanical problems at all.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Wrenchin' for Ouray

Getting ready for Ouray, the Jeep has been making a funny noise... 

Gathering at the (in)famous 2002 Ouray FSJ Invasion
Ok, not just one noise. There's never just one noise with these rigs. But the one worrying me lately sounds like a bearing going out, or maybe diff problems. Uh oh...

Saturday, June 20, 2015

2015 Ouray FSJ Invasion

I'm going to Ouray! Yay! (hey, that rhymes)

I'm finally going back to Ouray! For the first time since 2006! I've been wanting to go every year but things just kept coming up and getting in the way.

Well, this year I got permission from the boss to make a multi-day solo trip to the Switzerland of America. I leave Wednesday evening after teaching a training class, and will be there until Sunday or maybe even Monday.

The FSJ Invasion is July 15-18 this year. I'll be staying in the KOA campground. That's where all the fun happens after the trail rides are done for the day. Since I've never stayed at KOA with all the cool kids, I'm really looking forward to it! My liver, however, not so much. But my sanity could sure use the altitude adjustment.