Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Ouray 2017

View from Red Mountain mining area
Violet and I are heading to Ouray Wednesday evening. Last time I went down was 2015; Violet's never been so needless to say I'm super excited to share the place with her.

Stranded on the Test Run

I took a short highway trip to Castle Rock on a hot day last Friday and guess what? That intermittent problem with fuel cutout that has been plaguing the Jeep for the last few years came back with a vengeance, leaving me sitting on the side of the road.

Swapping in the brand new relay and ignition module I'd purchased just for the occasion had zero effect. The ECM was hot and I attempted cooling it off to no avail. Then I tried connecting the fuel pump directly to the battery positive terminal. And it wouldn't run. A few more times and it sounded like it was grinding gravel.

Once I'd swapped in the new pump I'd also purchased for this very occasion, all was well and I made the trip back home without event. Probably, hopefully, I've squashed this gremlin. I'm praying for smooth sailing to, during, and from the Ouray FSJ Invasion.

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