Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Throttle Body Installation

Late last night I ripped out lots of vacuum hoses to prepare for my fuel injection installation. Talk about liberating!

Not that many hoses ripped free, but it's a start...
I purchased a TBI kit from TPIGuy online several years ago and it came with throttle linkage set up for FSJ already, as well as a complete, tested harness and almost all the sensors necessary, all new, and tested rebuilt injectors. 

Originally I was going to use this on a 4v intake but things changed and so I currently have a stock manifold. I ordered the $80 Howell adapter and bolted that on during lunch today and then installed the TBI.

It's a simple matter of installing a gasket, and bolting down the adapter using the provided flat head socket cap screws with an allen wrench, adding a gasket on top and bolting down the throttle body with the provided hex head bolts and lock washers.Lining up the gasket and starting the bolts is a tiny bit tricky.

It looks so pretty sitting there, doesn't it?
The harder part comes next: installing the wiring harness. Or, rather, finding a place to route all the wires.

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