Monday, April 22, 2013

TBI Test Drive and Super Chief

TC successfully completed the first cross-town test drive since rebuilding the throttle body. I wanted to go see Scott's newly painted Super Chief.

Scott's 86 GW, "Super Chief"
His truck is way prettier than my ugly, faded, dented, rustbucket.

I just did new injectors, new gaskets on the throttle body, and new gas tank. Before that, I had issues I couldn't seem to tune away. Lean spots where I couldn't bump the VE table up any further. I had to increase base pulse width (BPW) to an insane degree and still didn't quite get it solved.

Running the stock ADSU bin, it starts up easily--unlike before--and it drove pretty good but had some serious lean spots at high load, low rpm. I was able to tune those out and the drive back was improved.

More lean spots remain and it's running rich in the low load, low rpm areas. Hopefully I can tune those out, then get on with the highway tuning, and get it ready for emissions later this week.

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