Tuesday, June 24, 2014

TC is a Robot!

TC is now a robot!

Every year Sparkfun Electronics hosts the Autonomous Vehicle Competition with robots that fly or drive themselves around courses.

The ground robots are usually 1:10 scale RC cars, sometimes larger like 1:5 scale we saw in 2012 or even a go cart that ran in 2013.

This year a few of us from my robotics club, SHARC, got together to enter the very first full size vehicle in the AVC. It was a dream team of some of the brightest tech people I've ever worked with.

I figured if you're going to enter a full size vehicle why not go all out so I volunteered my trail rig. The Jeep was a big hit with the crowd!

You can read more on my robotics blog to find out why we're not crazy or stupid, and see how the Jeep fared in this intense competition.

Read more here.

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