Monday, April 11, 2016

Mosquito Pass 2015

Back in August, 2015, right after blowing up reverse in my transmission, CFSJA went on a trail run over Mosquito Pass. We had a good turnout with 3 FSJs and two baby Jeeps.

The weather couldn't have been better and thanks to all the rain there were still wildflowers in the high country.

Read on for more pictures...

Scott was kind enough to give Violet and I a ride, since TC was down with a sick transmission. We felt at home; it was an FSJ and the interior color was the same as TC. But that's about all they have in common.

His 1986 Grand Wagoneer, Super Chief, is one of the rarest kinds, having been expertly equipped with WideTrac flares by a dealer, long ago. I didn't even know they still did that in the mid-80's.

I can only find a few pictures of these conversions, let alone actual vehicles; I've seen only 2 of them in the all last ~20 years of FSJ spotting.

To top it off, he swapped in a modern 5.3L Vortec drivetrain to send power down to WideTrac axles (ok, TC has those too), spinning 35" tires, all of which made the climb to the 13,185 foot pass no problem at all. I consider Super Chief one of (if not the) coolest of rigs in all of FSJdom.

It was a bit chilly way up there, so Violet stayed snuggled up warm inside the Super Chief.

Sure, I always prefer driving off-road trails, but being a passenger comes a close second. Plus, you get more time to eyeball the scenery. And Mosquito Pass has plenty of that, let me tell you.

In all, we made it with only a very few minor issues, and then headed back to town.

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