Monday, April 8, 2013

TBI gaskets and gas tank

The "new" gas tank is in with new vent grommets and vent hoses. Thanks to Scott for the help!

I decided to replace gaskets on the throttle body itself since I had to tear it down to swap injectors. Unfortunately I broke off one of the aluminum TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) bolts. The sensor was in cockeyed and the bolt must've gotten damaged along the way.

I already tried drilling it out, using three different easy-out type tools I inherited from my dad. No dice.

Then I tried to match the bolt at the hardware store so i could find a tap, only to discover that the GM TBI uses M4.5 bolts on the TPS. No normal hardware store will carry these let alone taps for them.

I contemplated buying a 5mm drill and tap and then decided to just use my 10-32 tap. I did this before finding a bolt, of course, but eventually ran across one that was a perfect length.

At least I'm closer than I was last week!

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