Thursday, August 27, 2015

Rear brakes and wheel bearings

I have been planning to go four-wheeling on Mosquito Pass with the CFSJA on Saturday, two days from today. However, my Jeep currently looks like this:

Good thing I checked the rear brakes. Shoes are gone. One side's cracked. The other side's at the rivets. And, I found side play in the passenger axle shaft. Ugh. Time to scramble...

I turbo-ordered brake parts yesterday and picked up shoes and hardware last night.

I figure I better do bearings just in case. Today at lunch I pulled both shafts and took them in to Front Range Driveline to have new Timken SET10 bearings installed (aka A-10; correct for SJ AMC 20). They might be ready later today. Hopefully.

On the way back I picked up my drums from Napa. I need to go pick up the adjuster hardware later.

If all goes well I might actually get it all put back together tonight at the earliest, or tomorrow at the latest.

Otherwise ... I have to drive the WRX over Mosquito... ?

Ouch. Not good.

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